The funeral for Rabbi Jehiel Orenstein was held on the afternoon of May 6, 2013, at Congregation Beth El in South Orange, New Jersey.   This was Jehiel’s home synagogue and the shul where he had served for 35 years before his retirement in  2005.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of people and was led by Rabbi Francine Rosten, the current rabbi at Beth El.    Participating in the ceremony were Cantors Lenny Mandel and Perry Fine, Rabbi Bill LeBeau, Jehiel’s brother-in-law Solomon Mowshowitz, and the Orenstein’s former neighbor, Reverend Moti Essoka.  Members of the immediate family spoke, including Sylvia Orenstein, Aviva Orenstein, Debra Orenstein, Rafy Orenstein, and the Orenstein’s “adopted” sons Christophe Dosat and Ernest Gyamfy.  All seven grandchildren escorted the casket as pall bearers.

Below in two parts is an edited audio recording of the funeral ceremony:

Part One (42 min.):  Funeral_part1

Part Two (38 min.): Funeral_part2


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