Thank You

To Rabbi Orenstein who taught me that the most important value to live by to treat others with care and respect. I will always remember his sermon about going to the home of someone who invited him to dinner to thank him for a deed he had done. This hosting family was not Jewish or familiar with the rules of kashrut. So despite the fact that Rabbi Orenstein had explained his dietary restrictions, the family eagerly welcomed him and served an ellaborate lobster dinner. Rabbi Orenstein told the story explaining that he knew that this lobster dinner was a huge financial burden for his hosting family—showing how much they hoped to honor him. I remember him explaining his decision to eat the lobster dinner—that it was more important to him to honor his guests and keep them from feeling any embarrassment. To this day, I continue to think about that story as a reminder that living a noble life is to do everything possible to keep for allowing embarrassment or humiliation to another.

By: Jessica Cohen

One response to “Thank You

  1. At Rabbi’s birthday celebration, his teacher taught us about the importance of sometimes lifting the veil. This story makes me think of that, and how Rabbi Orenstein always puts love above the letter of the law. Being inspired by Rabbi Orenstein means always remembering love and respect of other people, and no room for dogma. Thank you for sharing this story. I had never heard it, but it is now one of my favorites.

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