A Rabbi for Life

Dear Rabbi Orenstein,

So sorry to come late to the party, but I’m grateful to add my voice.  It’s only the rarest of rabbis who not only follows you as you grow up, and officiates at your wedding, but also continues to visit you well into your professional career—in Indiana, no less!  What a great honor it has been to learn from you at Beth El and beyond: from being called up to do Ein Keloheinu through Adon Olam, to learning how to sit through a sermon, to learning how to understand a sermon, to learning how to give a drash, to being humbled by my rabbi reading my first book, to watching with patience as I cajole my infant daughter into sitting through Shabbat dinner.  To this there is no equal.

With warmest wishes—

Judah Cohen.


By: Judah Cohen

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