Times Together

Jerry darling,

   Because you mean so much to us, we are looking forward to celebrating your 77th birthday with you and all your loved ones.
   There are so many happy memories of our times together that I will always treasure.  I often recall the time you found Libby and me in the hospital coffee shop to tell us the good news — “Libby,” you said, “you are now the grandmother of a baby BOY!”  We shierked with joy and you were sooo ecstatic.  We ran upstiars like two nuts. Sylvia looked so gorgeous and was so alert and rested – not like a woman who had just suffered the pains of childbirth.  I remember commenting on Rafy’s beautifully shaped lips.  I am reliving those moments right now while writing this — and smiling.   All my memoires are filled with love and laughter — alwayslaughter.  How wonderful — beautiful and lucky you and Sylvia are that you both have “upbeat” personalities; that’s a blessing.  That twinkle in your eyes, Jerry, your ready smile and your quick wit — all that came from your mom.  Mathilda was adorable and a pleasure to be with.
  As Bob Hope would say, “Thanks For the Memories.”
  We will always love you.
Estelle and Eugene Ferkauf.


By: Estelle & Eugene Ferkauf

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