Acts of Loving Kindness

Dear Rabbi Orenstein,

Over our many years together at Beth El, you have always encouraged our mutual interest in music and art.  The program assembled for your birthday celebration attests to your desire to always be (in the presence of) surrounded by beautiful music. Love of music is, after all, an “Orenstein tradition”.

Your artistic talent, on the other hand, has not been primarily expressed in the form of physical paintings, but rather by the way you paint pictures with your words.  Your ecumenical ability and skill in bringing people of diverse interests and faiths together attests to your desire to always promote peace and harmony in a world in desperate need of more transparency, enlightenment, and especially acts of loving kindness.

As one of many of former congregants of yours, rest assured that your efforts will be forever appreciated by those whom you have touched.

Our love and best wishes!

Erv and Harriett Katz

By: Erving and Harriett Katz

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