Dear Rabbi

Beth El was our home away from home for 27 years, and its heimish atmosphere emanated from you.

You guided our children, Emily and Ari, for their b’nai mitzvah, and you set an example to all of us about scholarship and tradition and especially tolerance and understanding.

We will always treasure our memories of your leadership and friendship, and are happy to celebrate your 77th birthday with you and Sylvia.

Your special day will be filled with beautiful music. May all of your days be celebrated with sweet melodies and elegant harmonies.


Wilma & Marty Steinberg




By: Marty & Wilma Steinberg

2 Responses to Dear Rabbi

  1. Tema and Ken Javerbaum

    You always have been and always will be our Platonic ideal not only of a rabbi, but also of a human being. We always strive to remember your advice to parents: there are only 3 ways to teach your children – by example, by example, and by example. You have taught us, and everyone lucky enough to know you, in just the same way.

    Tema and Ken Javerbaum

  2. Alison Javerbaum Minion

    Well look at this! It seems that even in the area of e-correspondence, my parents have taught me — as they noted earlier — by example, by example, and by example.

    Rabbi Orenstein, your leadership and friendship have helped to shape the lives of all of us Beth El-ites. Our family, like those of many of our friends, has turned to you in all sorts of Circle of Life moments, and we’ve never taken for granted how lucky we are to have you in our camp. Of all the brachot that I carry with me from my years at Beth El, perhaps the greatest blessing is to have known you.

    Alison Javerbaum Minion

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