In our hearts and prayers

Dearest Jehiel and Sylvia,  

Shalom! We send our heartfelt wishes to you both and to the whole familyI

We have constantly been touched by you, Jehiel, and Sylvia’s, love of family and love of Israel.   Again and again, we have been delighted to hear that you would be joining us for yet another simcha – weddings, pidyon haben… You both have an incredible ability to make famiy get-togethers and simchas even more joyful.
You have been a guiding light in our lives and the lives of our children. You amazingly inspire, Jehiel, with a quiet comment.   I recalll telling you that I was reading a book about a tzaddik, and your words of encouragement made my reading even more meaningful.
The whole family gathering in Israel, the meeting at the Kotel, all of us coming together – cousins, my mother, our children and grandchildren havae created bonds and memories that are longlasting. Jehiel, you are in our hearts and our prayers always…
May the Ribono Shel Olam bless you with our heartfelt wishes for a Refuah Shelema!  May you and Sylvia and the entire family be blessed with health, happiness and joy.
Hananel and Anne Mirsky

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