All our life passages


We met you at your first Shabbat at Beth El which just happened to be our first Shabbat also. From the very beginning you have been our rabbi: to inspire us, to educate us, to lead us on the higher road ethically, emotionally and Judaically. We have come to you through all of our life passages from Debbie’s naming, when you danced with us as the congregation wished us Mazal Tov; to the death of our parents when you travelled several times in one week to NY to comfort us; to the loving counsel you provided when our son, Michael married outside the faith and our son David divorced; and lastly to Debbie’s wedding in Atlanta where you wowed us all as you chanted the sheva brachot.

We have learned from you that in life it is not where you travel but rather with whom you journey that matters. Therefore, we honor you with love and gratitude as our rabbi, our friend and our inspiration.

Much love,

Bambi and Bob Granovsky


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