Our Brilliant Teacher

Dear Jehiel,

    I am so very sorry that I will not be able to attend the event of the year — an extraordinary party for an extraordinary man.   My thoughts and wishes will be with you and Sylvia.  There is no one I would rather celebrate and I do celebrate you everytime I think of you.
   I have so much to be grateful for in the many years you have been my rabbi, teacher, friends, and I have loved you for your kindness, sincerity, compassion, humor, modesty and goodness.
   I miss you leading our Sisterhood Bible Class which had evolved into a class of learning how to live using the Bible as a springboard for the most fascinating discussions.  We were a diverse crew — ranging from zero knowledge to quite advanced students.  How to thank you for never humiliating us for foolish questions, for making us feel comfortable discussing profound ideas.  We had many a laugh — not at anyone but sharing a naive or comical remark.  We aired problems and gave each other advice.  And we learned a lot — from you our brilliant teacher.
   Thank you for making Tuesday morning the highlight of my week.
   And most of all – Happy Birthday!
    Love, Hattie

By: Hattie Segal

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