Wisdom from Rabbi Jehiel (that I will always remember)

Among one of Rabbi Orenstein’s prodigious gifts is the ability to deliver words of Torah in such a way that you hear them and they stick.  I remember a High Holiday sermon where he taught that every one of us has a special mitzvah– a special skill or talent that God has given us–and it is our job to own that mitzvah and do it.  As an example, he mentioned that Rich and I have taken on the mitzvah of teaching Torah to children and their families.  Not only did he affirm to me the value of our work with young children, but he helped me to recognize that every individual– no matter how simple or how elevated– has an obligation to give what they can–in their own way– to make the world better.  And I continue to hear his “voice” and wisdom every time I try to grow by taking on a new mitzvah.

By: Treasure Cohen

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